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10:43am 16/01/2005
mood: blah
So here's my application to the weird rating community I'm "applying" to. So far I got three positive votes and a compliment without any yes or no mentioned... wow. 003 is so loved! ::hugs::

I am so wanting to do more 003 pictures, but besides the fact that I need to fucking feel well enough to do them (most of you watch onnawufei and know why I'm not exactly well. For those who don't, it's total female TMI and no it is NOT period related) I need to find my wig. And I'm wondering if I can get away with going out and buying a cheap black wig to alternate when I do particularly messy scenes. See, I don't really like the black one all that much but it's got a nice skin top and I may need it for something someday. I don't want to get it all caked with fake blood, but I do want to do bloody pictures. Granted I'm not sure WHERE I'll do that. Maybe I should take Ryan's parents' newspapers like he suggested. (Of course he was suggesting I READ them, not use them for that.)

I'll have something of substance soon. Whether it's old pictures, some of my bloody drain pictures, or more screencaps. Ooooh I'm planning on doing Event Horizon before long. YAY!
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Oh jeeze, what now?   
10:58pm 13/01/2005
mood: tired
I applied to a rating community today, and of course I applied with Pika pictures. Okay with ONE "normal" picture. Would you like to see? 'Cause y'know... I guess I can post it here too.

pictureCollapse )

Yeah, in general I find rating communities evil but every once in a while I say "what the hell, why not?" which is a good attitude to have. I don't get all upset if I'm not accepted because really it's all just LJ drama anyway. And it's not like anything I apply to is based solely on how pretty you are. No, this is of course for gore whores. If only I had some gorey pictures of myself... oh well! I just have to deal with my super gorey screencaps!
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Mega fake gore ahead.   
06:33am 13/01/2005
mood: awake
More stills of Suicide Circle. This is the rather fake but still really gross/disturbing bit with the woman, the knife and the daikon radish. It's in the trailer I think, so I don't know how much of a spoiler it is. Still, it's cut and it's icky. Here goes!

oh eewCollapse )

Once again, I need new icons. ^^
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Suicide Circle gore.   
10:13am 10/01/2005
mood: amused
I'm taking stills of Suicide Circle, and of course being the "gore whore" that I am, I'm paying particularly close attention to the bloody parts. YAY FOR BLOODY PARTS! And given the nature of this journal I figured I'd share. ^^ Oh and if you haven't seen the movie don't worry, I won't post super spoilery gore parts.

Cut for fake gore.Collapse )
01:51pm 01/01/2005
mood: busy
Let's see... I think I'll begin updating more... or hopefully. Projects for future updates include:

* Random pictures I find online and absolutely love, ESPECIALLY DeviantArt. I'll either upload them to my own server (I'll try to do that since it'd be preferred) or just link to the site. No hotlinking though b/c I'm not a bandwidth stealing cockbite. ^^

* More Pika pictures becuase I have TONS.

* Random morbid bloody pictures taken by me b/c I have a few of those.

* I WILL finish the Pika Girl website, it will happen. I'm just having serious issues with how to do the thumbnails on that site. Everything I try looks stupid, I need to decide on something though.

Aaaaand just general weirdness. Y'know, websites and whatnot, things I find online that are super nifty and must be shared, that sort of thing. So yeah! Huzzah! (I get so much done on my day off work!)
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01:34pm 01/01/2005
mood: embarrassed
This is SO late and chances are you've seen it anyway on onnawufei but just in case, here's 001 wishing you a Merry Christmas! (Yeah... late.)

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10:31am 10/12/2004
mood: panic! panic!
ARG! I'm packing (we're moving tomorrow) and I've managed to lose a Pikachu mask. I have the bloody one, and the clean one but I can't find the slightly bloody one. ARG!!! I'm worried enough about them surviving the move. ::chews lip:: PLEASE let them survive! And PLEASE let me find the missing one! YARG!!!!

Oh and for "sexy" new(ish) 001 pictures (including Christmas pictures!) check out the Dr. Pika Deviantart account. I'll post them here eventually but I'll just link that for now. Pika!

And once we're moved and settled in I have new 003 pictures planned but I'm going to have to test the new tub's resistance to fake blood.

[Edit] FOUND the last Pika mask! ::does happy dance:: See, the slightly bloody mask is the Doctor's mask so yeah... finding it is REALLY important!!! (It's also 001's mask but she can always use the clean one!)
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11:11pm 19/11/2004
mood: busy
This is serving a dual purpose. First it's to preview the Pika website I'm going to be working on very soon... second it's to link the damn pictures somewhere so I won't forget the urls and have to actually look for them. *L* Okay so it's mainly the second. SO WHAT?!

These will be the graphics for my upcoming page I think:

And 004 is definately a keeper.
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A note from the doctor:   
05:49pm 19/11/2004
mood: working
004 is not turning out the way I had planned. We'll have to see if she remains or becomes another broken prototype.
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Picture heavy!   
10:25pm 17/11/2004
mood: artistic
Loooong time no post. But I've been spending a lot of time with Pikas lately and... damn I need new icons. Like BADLY. That's the next new project I think. [Edit] Made some new icons for now. No nifty effects or text or even borders b/c I'm on Ryan's computer. Still they're better than what I had.

Anyway, there is a story slowly forming around the Pikachus, which I'm sure you all were just dying to know. Though actually... most of you are on my regular flist so you already know. But oh well. I'm elaborating!

Dr. Pika is male. FINALLY the poor creature has a sex. He's effeminate but male. Expect new Dr. Pika pictures at some point because the poor guy has been misrepresented and it's his time to shine. He is however, a sick bastard. He's a sick genius bastard. His hobby would be creating... people. Well, sorta people.

Pika Girl 001 is his first creation (obviously) and she's... well she's easy. Your typical whorish Pikachu girl y'know... or not. She's slutty, angsty, and likes to play with knives but really they all do. I think it's in their blood.

Pika Girl 003 is crazy. She's the "asylum" type crazy. Sweet, but sweet is deceiving. She's only sweet because she's so utterly lost that it almost isn't surprising when she snaps. She is my current favorite right now.

Where's 002? Broken. She didn't work out.

And now after all that bullshit, PICTURES. Pictures that if you've seen my stock account on Deviant Art you've seen already. But still... PICTURES. And there'll be a lot of them.

Meet 001 and 003Collapse )

Aaaaand if no one minds I'd like to do reposts of some Pika "art" (well... it's as "art" as I get. go see stitchpuller's gallery if you want real Pika art) from my DA gallery.

(ten points if you realized what I was listening to when I made that.)

not a lot more, promise.Collapse )
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The Doctor   
07:29pm 04/04/2004
mood: crazy
Alright, so what has the Doctor been up to? Well since the last troll-baby that I decided to unleash death upon didn't turn me in, I still have a journal. That's nice to know, though I was ready to lose it in order to fuck with them.

Anyway, I haven't looked for any gorey pictures lately, but I did take more Dr. Pika ones. There's only a few of them and they sorta suck, but oh well. ^_^ I'm going to be taking the Doctor with me to the con this year, so that should be fun. I'm looking forward to this.

The DoctorCollapse )

I go get ice cream now. WOO!!! (Is the Doctor male or female?)
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Something new   
10:50am 09/02/2004
mood: busy
Taking a little bit of a different approach to things today, and I'm posting some wonderfully bloody artwork I've found on Deviant Art. First though, a word of warning:

Do not alter or claim any of these images! They are not mine! In fact, I think it'd be really great if you went to check out the artists and looked at some of their other stuff. Now, do I honestly think that my friends would do such a horrible thing as steal art? No of course not, but you never know who might be surfing through.

As always, I use cut tags because sometimes you don't wanna see some stuff on your friends page. I assure you, none of this is real.

Beauty in bloodCollapse )
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I am mad with power...   
11:06pm 14/01/2004
mood: crazy
Necrotizing Fasciitis

It's gross... but fascinating.

WARNING: While none of these pictures involve children, some (meaning: most, if not all) of them are damn big. I dunno, maybe bigass pictures would bug you... but if so why'd you be looking at this journal?

Necrotizing FasciitisCollapse )

This disease (that I do not feel like trying to spell) is caused by a number of different bacteria, one of which being Group A streptococcus (thank you copy and paste). Many people can carry this bacteria and not get sick, but these same bacteria can also cause strep throat and... well some other stuff. I only mention this because I am apparently a carrier of strep, and I found this really interesting. I shall copy and paste the last bit of that informative paragraph now: Researchers do not fully understand why Group A streptococcus bacteria, on rare occasions, cause necrotizing fasciitis. It is known that these bacteria make poisons that destroy body tissue directly, as well as causing the body's immune system to destroy its own tissue while fighting the bacteria.

It goes on to talk about how it's spread, preventing it and whatnot, all of which I'm interested in because this means I HAVE THE POWER TO DISFIGURE AND KILL!!!!!!!!!! Um... yeah... it's probably a good thing there is no actual way for me to weild this power, otherwise Blockbuster's profits would go down greatly.

If you're super interested in finding out more about this, here is the page I got all the info from. The pictures were from two different pages that have nothing to do with this one.
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It's a learning experience.   
10:33pm 14/01/2004
mood: curious
In the spirit of the movie Cabin Fever and flesh eating diseases everywhere, I decided to find pictures of THOSE for you all. WOO HOO! Why? Because I'm a gore whore, we all knew that. ^_^

Useless trivia: Did you know that there's actually a word for all the crap I find while trying to look for things to post here? It's called gorn and it's (you guessed it!) gore and porn in some twisted sick mix.

I want the score to Cabin Fever. OH! And they used the time old Kayro and food coloring method for blood. How cool is that?

Cassie Moore's story, complete with pictures!Collapse )

Of course if you want the whole story, all the facts, the rest of it, etc. go check it out for yourself. They have after pictures, and yes she survived. OH, and all that text was ripped directly from the page 'cause I wasn't about to paraphrase.

Now to search for more.
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Fine Japanese cinema   
09:47pm 10/01/2004
mood: bored
And now... FUN WITH LOW RES IMAGES!!!! But seriously, it's better than nothing right? I've sorta let this journal go stagnant, like so many others that I have. But... oh well. *L*

Anyway, so our adventures in low res images shall take us to the far off land of Japan, where they make horror movies bloody and FUCKED UP beyond belief. Obviously then, none of these pictures are real, so no worries there. Still, it's some pooped up squak yo.

All these movies are available through Guinea Pig films, if you're so inclined. So far I've got my ones I'd like to see, but I haven't actually taken that leap. *L*

Mermaid in Manhole
The Story: Mr. Crazy artist dude finds a mermaid and paints her, y'know because that's what crazy artists do. Later in life, Mr. Crazy artist dude goes back to the river where he found the mermaid, only to find that it's been turned into a sewer. Oh, but she's still there, she's just been infected with some flesh eating ick disease. So in the true spirit of insanity, Mr. Crazy artist takes the mermaid back to his apartment, because goodness knows he can take care of her there... in the bathtub. He paints her, she rots, apparently he dismembers here at the end or something, I'm not too clear on that.
The Pictures: ...Collapse )

Devil's Experiment
The Story: (synopsis taken from the website) A Video Tape and a letter are given to the Tokyo police in a small discreet envelope with no return address or postal mark. The accompanying letter tells of an experiment on human endurance and how much the human body and mind can endure before succumbing to death. The video claims to be a scientific experiment in the name of the furtherance of knowledge. ((note from me: The website hints that there really was a video like this, and this is a recreation of it.))
The Pictures: ...Collapse )

He Never Dies
The Story: This is apparently based on a true story... sorta... at least the website makes it look like it. There was actually a case in Japan where a man dismembered himself, which is the basis for this film. Only in this film it's a suicide attempt gone wrong, when the poor man realizes that not only does inflicting this pain not hurt, but it doesn't kill him. So he cheerfully goes about hacking himself to bits in various ways. Yes, this is a funny film. Gross, but funny. This, and Mermaid in Manhole are two I want to see.
The Pictures: ...Collapse )

The majority of the last set of pictures were from Snowblood Apple which is a website I love dearly. I got most of the pictures for the emotion set in my onnawufei journal from that site.

Okay that's it for now. Bye bye!
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08:52pm 10/01/2004
mood: crazy

That's all.
08:34am 23/09/2003
mood: awake
I stumbled across a website detailing various bits of torture. It's made me realize that a good bit of the torture done back then was really just a way to de-sexualize people, and/or desperate acts by horny perverted men to get off through early live action versions of snuff films. But first:

A Little Warning
(go ahead and click it, it's not gross or anything)

~*~ The Heretic's Fork. This thing was fastened around your neck with sharp prongs digging into the flesh under your chin and the other end in your sternum. It basically made it so you couldn't move your head and you couldn't really talk a whole lot, just enough to confess your evil ways and repent.

~*~ The Judas Cradle. Oh dear lord. O_O With this the victim is hoisted up and lowered onto onto the point of the pyramid either via the anus, vagina, under the scrotum or under the coccyx (the last two or three vertebrae). From then on it depends how cruel your executioner was. They would vary the weight from zero to your total body weight, and the victim could be rocked or made to fall repeatedly on the point. (Apparently this is still used in some cultures by the way.)

~*~ The pear. The most popular use of The Pear was orally, though it wasn't uncommon for it to be inserted in the anus or (of course) the vagina. After insertion the pear was expanded causing whatever cavity it had been inserted in to be mutilated, almost always fatally so. The vaginal use seemed to be reserved for women who had been found guilty of sexual union with the Devil.

~*~ The rippers. The flour clawed one on the right was used to rip at women's breasts, a punishment for acts such as self-abortion, white magic, etc. The one on the left was used for the testicles, and no specific reason was given.

~*~ The saw was used for French women who were pregnant by Satan. (Huh?) The picture says it all really. The women didn't generally lose conciousness until the saw reached their naval.

There are more I could list but they don't have pictures (maybe later) and frankly I don't feel like paraphrasing anymore. The website is here if you want to check it out.
My chest. ^_^   
07:31am 23/09/2003
mood: awake
First off, sorry to all of ya'll who are on the friends list at my other journal... which is all of you but like two. So I'm apologizing to the majority of my friends list.

BUT to those who haven't seen it, I got this really great chest at Black Market Minerals last night. It was $15 and it immediately reminded me of the whole Day of the Dead type artwork, in fact they have tons of stuff like that there but this was the most functional thing I could think of. (Dude, my boyfriend is like 99.9% normal and he already puts up with a lot so I figured getting a mirror with the mirror on the skull's gaping mouth might not be the best idea.)

Anywho, I cut tag it since a good majority of you have already seen it. For those who haven't GO LOOK it rocks.

[a picture was here]

[and there was one here too]

And for anyone who wants to know the measurements, it measures 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 soda cans. *LOL* And 3/4 a soda can deep. What? Somebody asked me the measurements and I didn't have a ruler handy. ^_~
05:39pm 21/09/2003
mood: happy
First off, I found this gif on a random website yesterday and I think it's just insanely cool:

Second, I won this off ebay, nothing major but it'll be a nifty thing to have on my computer desk. (I currently need to move the two stack of 9 Living Dead Dolls but I'm really lazy.) I'm also bidding on this (but the reserve hasn't been met) and this. No more though! I can't go spending all my money and as it is I bought some more nifty Halloween stuff last night. The "wind" chimes... they're great, I'll post later.

Um, yeah... I'll bring you back to your regularly scheduled death and destruction eventually. I was looking last night but got tired of it, and earlier today I found nothing but more nifty gifs. *L* If all else fails I'll at least post some of those. ^_^
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10:58am 20/09/2003
mood: awake
Okay, so I'm on promoting rampage with no new pictures to post. I started thehaunted which is basically for what I do here, but so that everyone can join in. I'm hoping it catches on, and I'm trying to promote it a little more than I've done most of my communities. I hate spamming though... spamming is bad. That's why my communities never take off I think. *L*

That's really all for now, I'm sure I'll post more randomness later. I'm closely watching some of those auctions though, and bidding on one at the moment. *L* Me and my weird stuff...
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