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So here's my application to the weird rating community I'm "applying" to. So far I got three positive votes and a compliment without any yes or no mentioned... wow. 003 is so loved! ::hugs::

I am so wanting to do more 003 pictures, but besides the fact that I need to fucking feel well enough to do them (most of you watch onnawufei and know why I'm not exactly well. For those who don't, it's total female TMI and no it is NOT period related) I need to find my wig. And I'm wondering if I can get away with going out and buying a cheap black wig to alternate when I do particularly messy scenes. See, I don't really like the black one all that much but it's got a nice skin top and I may need it for something someday. I don't want to get it all caked with fake blood, but I do want to do bloody pictures. Granted I'm not sure WHERE I'll do that. Maybe I should take Ryan's parents' newspapers like he suggested. (Of course he was suggesting I READ them, not use them for that.)

I'll have something of substance soon. Whether it's old pictures, some of my bloody drain pictures, or more screencaps. Ooooh I'm planning on doing Event Horizon before long. YAY!
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