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First off, I found this gif on a random website yesterday and I think it's just insanely cool:

Second, I won this off ebay, nothing major but it'll be a nifty thing to have on my computer desk. (I currently need to move the two stack of 9 Living Dead Dolls but I'm really lazy.) I'm also bidding on this (but the reserve hasn't been met) and this. No more though! I can't go spending all my money and as it is I bought some more nifty Halloween stuff last night. The "wind" chimes... they're great, I'll post later.

Um, yeah... I'll bring you back to your regularly scheduled death and destruction eventually. I was looking last night but got tired of it, and earlier today I found nothing but more nifty gifs. *L* If all else fails I'll at least post some of those. ^_^
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