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My chest. ^_^

First off, sorry to all of ya'll who are on the friends list at my other journal... which is all of you but like two. So I'm apologizing to the majority of my friends list.

BUT to those who haven't seen it, I got this really great chest at Black Market Minerals last night. It was $15 and it immediately reminded me of the whole Day of the Dead type artwork, in fact they have tons of stuff like that there but this was the most functional thing I could think of. (Dude, my boyfriend is like 99.9% normal and he already puts up with a lot so I figured getting a mirror with the mirror on the skull's gaping mouth might not be the best idea.)

Anywho, I cut tag it since a good majority of you have already seen it. For those who haven't GO LOOK it rocks.

[a picture was here]

[and there was one here too]

And for anyone who wants to know the measurements, it measures 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 soda cans. *LOL* And 3/4 a soda can deep. What? Somebody asked me the measurements and I didn't have a ruler handy. ^_~
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