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I stumbled across a website detailing various bits of torture. It's made me realize that a good bit of the torture done back then was really just a way to de-sexualize people, and/or desperate acts by horny perverted men to get off through early live action versions of snuff films. But first:

A Little Warning
(go ahead and click it, it's not gross or anything)

~*~ The Heretic's Fork. This thing was fastened around your neck with sharp prongs digging into the flesh under your chin and the other end in your sternum. It basically made it so you couldn't move your head and you couldn't really talk a whole lot, just enough to confess your evil ways and repent.

~*~ The Judas Cradle. Oh dear lord. O_O With this the victim is hoisted up and lowered onto onto the point of the pyramid either via the anus, vagina, under the scrotum or under the coccyx (the last two or three vertebrae). From then on it depends how cruel your executioner was. They would vary the weight from zero to your total body weight, and the victim could be rocked or made to fall repeatedly on the point. (Apparently this is still used in some cultures by the way.)

~*~ The pear. The most popular use of The Pear was orally, though it wasn't uncommon for it to be inserted in the anus or (of course) the vagina. After insertion the pear was expanded causing whatever cavity it had been inserted in to be mutilated, almost always fatally so. The vaginal use seemed to be reserved for women who had been found guilty of sexual union with the Devil.

~*~ The rippers. The flour clawed one on the right was used to rip at women's breasts, a punishment for acts such as self-abortion, white magic, etc. The one on the left was used for the testicles, and no specific reason was given.

~*~ The saw was used for French women who were pregnant by Satan. (Huh?) The picture says it all really. The women didn't generally lose conciousness until the saw reached their naval.

There are more I could list but they don't have pictures (maybe later) and frankly I don't feel like paraphrasing anymore. The website is here if you want to check it out.
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