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Fine Japanese cinema

And now... FUN WITH LOW RES IMAGES!!!! But seriously, it's better than nothing right? I've sorta let this journal go stagnant, like so many others that I have. But... oh well. *L*

Anyway, so our adventures in low res images shall take us to the far off land of Japan, where they make horror movies bloody and FUCKED UP beyond belief. Obviously then, none of these pictures are real, so no worries there. Still, it's some pooped up squak yo.

All these movies are available through Guinea Pig films, if you're so inclined. So far I've got my ones I'd like to see, but I haven't actually taken that leap. *L*

Mermaid in Manhole
The Story: Mr. Crazy artist dude finds a mermaid and paints her, y'know because that's what crazy artists do. Later in life, Mr. Crazy artist dude goes back to the river where he found the mermaid, only to find that it's been turned into a sewer. Oh, but she's still there, she's just been infected with some flesh eating ick disease. So in the true spirit of insanity, Mr. Crazy artist takes the mermaid back to his apartment, because goodness knows he can take care of her there... in the bathtub. He paints her, she rots, apparently he dismembers here at the end or something, I'm not too clear on that.
The Pictures:

Could I get a band aid?

Apparently he gathers her disease ick and paints with it... no I'm not making that up.

The moral of this story: Never accept sushi from a crazy artist.

Devil's Experiment
The Story: (synopsis taken from the website) A Video Tape and a letter are given to the Tokyo police in a small discreet envelope with no return address or postal mark. The accompanying letter tells of an experiment on human endurance and how much the human body and mind can endure before succumbing to death. The video claims to be a scientific experiment in the name of the furtherance of knowledge. ((note from me: The website hints that there really was a video like this, and this is a recreation of it.))
The Pictures:

not entirely realistic, but still not a nice thought

that is a TRUSTING actress!!! I didn't even trust my dad to hold my eye open like that when I first got contacts.

That's not cool. Anyone seen Stir of Echoes?

Aaaaand roll credits.

He Never Dies
The Story: This is apparently based on a true story... sorta... at least the website makes it look like it. There was actually a case in Japan where a man dismembered himself, which is the basis for this film. Only in this film it's a suicide attempt gone wrong, when the poor man realizes that not only does inflicting this pain not hurt, but it doesn't kill him. So he cheerfully goes about hacking himself to bits in various ways. Yes, this is a funny film. Gross, but funny. This, and Mermaid in Manhole are two I want to see.
The Pictures:

it took me a second on this one


The filename is "spine". O_O

The majority of the last set of pictures were from Snowblood Apple which is a website I love dearly. I got most of the pictures for the emotion set in my onnawufei journal from that site.

Okay that's it for now. Bye bye!
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