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It's a learning experience.

In the spirit of the movie Cabin Fever and flesh eating diseases everywhere, I decided to find pictures of THOSE for you all. WOO HOO! Why? Because I'm a gore whore, we all knew that. ^_^

Useless trivia: Did you know that there's actually a word for all the crap I find while trying to look for things to post here? It's called gorn and it's (you guessed it!) gore and porn in some twisted sick mix.

I want the score to Cabin Fever. OH! And they used the time old Kayro and food coloring method for blood. How cool is that?

First off, I took all these from here.

One weekend in June of 1998 while Cassie Moore was camping with her three children, she obtained a minor cut on her finger, which she bandaged properly. She also injured the left side of her body participating in sports. Not thinking much of either, she bandaged the cut, and went to bed. Two days later, Cassie had become very ill. She was vomiting, and had diarrhea and a fever. She was also in severe pain where she had injured her side, and the area had begun to bruise. By the next day, she could barely get out of bed and by the end of the night, she couldn't breathe easily or see. Her side had also begun to leak fluid and blood. She was taken to the hospital.

When Cassie was admitted to the hospital, she had no detectable blood pressure and was in shock. An infectious disease specialist was called in immediately, and a CAT scan was done on the left side of her body. She was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, and was rushed into surgery. About 6 to 8% of her body surface was removed. Because of the risk of additional surgeries, and the fact that the large wound would need to heal before a skin graft could be done to repair it, the hole in Cassie's body was left wide open. She also had to be given vasoconstriction drugs that reduced circulation in the extremities to help bring more blood to the brain.

Of course if you want the whole story, all the facts, the rest of it, etc. go check it out for yourself. They have after pictures, and yes she survived. OH, and all that text was ripped directly from the page 'cause I wasn't about to paraphrase.

Now to search for more.
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