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Something new

Taking a little bit of a different approach to things today, and I'm posting some wonderfully bloody artwork I've found on Deviant Art. First though, a word of warning:

Do not alter or claim any of these images! They are not mine! In fact, I think it'd be really great if you went to check out the artists and looked at some of their other stuff. Now, do I honestly think that my friends would do such a horrible thing as steal art? No of course not, but you never know who might be surfing through.

As always, I use cut tags because sometimes you don't wanna see some stuff on your friends page. I assure you, none of this is real.

Can you honestly tell me you don't love this? Well... I guess maybe you could. This belongs to DA's meltingbutterfly, so go check out more of her work. All I did was resize it because the original image was bigger than my screen.

This one is by DA's hushlittlehero who besides making kickass stuff like this, also makes great brushes that can be used on Photoshop 6. I mean, they can be used on 7 too, but for people who NEED them on 6, this is a miraculous wonderous thing.

A little more complicated, this one is by DA's dualdesigns, using stock from DA's suzi9mm and brushes from DA's aleksandra.

And lastly check out this picture by suzi9mm. Why am I not posting it here? I'm afraid of needles, it makes me squirm. I still love it though... odd, yes?
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