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The Doctor

Alright, so what has the Doctor been up to? Well since the last troll-baby that I decided to unleash death upon didn't turn me in, I still have a journal. That's nice to know, though I was ready to lose it in order to fuck with them.

Anyway, I haven't looked for any gorey pictures lately, but I did take more Dr. Pika ones. There's only a few of them and they sorta suck, but oh well. ^_^ I'm going to be taking the Doctor with me to the con this year, so that should be fun. I'm looking forward to this.

(Poor Hello Kitty)

I have a total of three masks, one is covered in "blood" and that's my favorite of course. One still has a bunch of sticky icky stuff from the tag on it. -_-

If you're a fan of jrock you can tell I was watching a little too much at that point. Klaha!!!!!!

Fiddling with it "artistically" mainly to take out that ugly orange tag.

And me! My face looks fat in that second one, but that's because I was wearing a high vinyl collar, and it is so easy to look fat when you're wearing one of those.

I go get ice cream now. WOO!!! (Is the Doctor male or female?)
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