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Picture heavy!

Loooong time no post. But I've been spending a lot of time with Pikas lately and... damn I need new icons. Like BADLY. That's the next new project I think. [Edit] Made some new icons for now. No nifty effects or text or even borders b/c I'm on Ryan's computer. Still they're better than what I had.

Anyway, there is a story slowly forming around the Pikachus, which I'm sure you all were just dying to know. Though actually... most of you are on my regular flist so you already know. But oh well. I'm elaborating!

Dr. Pika is male. FINALLY the poor creature has a sex. He's effeminate but male. Expect new Dr. Pika pictures at some point because the poor guy has been misrepresented and it's his time to shine. He is however, a sick bastard. He's a sick genius bastard. His hobby would be creating... people. Well, sorta people.

Pika Girl 001 is his first creation (obviously) and she's... well she's easy. Your typical whorish Pikachu girl y'know... or not. She's slutty, angsty, and likes to play with knives but really they all do. I think it's in their blood.

Pika Girl 003 is crazy. She's the "asylum" type crazy. Sweet, but sweet is deceiving. She's only sweet because she's so utterly lost that it almost isn't surprising when she snaps. She is my current favorite right now.

Where's 002? Broken. She didn't work out.

And now after all that bullshit, PICTURES. Pictures that if you've seen my stock account on Deviant Art you've seen already. But still... PICTURES. And there'll be a lot of them.

001. I'm not happy with the string over the hair here at all. But these were taken a long time ago.

Meet 001's thighs.


It's a knife.

Notice the outfit switch? Yeah I didn't put these in ANY order. They're from two different sets.


Scissors are still not better than knives.

... don't do it... you never know WHAT kind of crap you'll walk away with.

Meet 003!

One of my favorite pictures of her.

Those thighs look familiar... I think Dr. Pika uses the same mold...

You're next. (Next for what? I don't know!)

and there she goes.

It's nothing.

My other favorite picture.

Poor crazy 003.

Okay YES the way she's holding the knife is weird... there's a story behind it and it involves nearly ruining the wall. XD

And it ends.

Aaaaand if no one minds I'd like to do reposts of some Pika "art" (well... it's as "art" as I get. go see stitchpuller's gallery if you want real Pika art) from my DA gallery.

(ten points if you realized what I was listening to when I made that.)


And a new picture for my info page. There's actually one just like it that says "onnawufei" on my regular journal's info page. And I'll probably put one on my DJ info page too. *L* I recycle!

Aaaaand just for nostalgia purposes, one of the first Dr. Pika pictures!

He's got curves! And... cleavage. New pictures are SO in order!
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