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ARG! I'm packing (we're moving tomorrow) and I've managed to lose a Pikachu mask. I have the bloody one, and the clean one but I can't find the slightly bloody one. ARG!!! I'm worried enough about them surviving the move. ::chews lip:: PLEASE let them survive! And PLEASE let me find the missing one! YARG!!!!

Oh and for "sexy" new(ish) 001 pictures (including Christmas pictures!) check out the Dr. Pika Deviantart account. I'll post them here eventually but I'll just link that for now. Pika!

And once we're moved and settled in I have new 003 pictures planned but I'm going to have to test the new tub's resistance to fake blood.

[Edit] FOUND the last Pika mask! ::does happy dance:: See, the slightly bloody mask is the Doctor's mask so yeah... finding it is REALLY important!!! (It's also 001's mask but she can always use the clean one!)
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