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Suicide Circle gore.

I'm taking stills of Suicide Circle, and of course being the "gore whore" that I am, I'm paying particularly close attention to the bloody parts. YAY FOR BLOODY PARTS! And given the nature of this journal I figured I'd share. ^^ Oh and if you haven't seen the movie don't worry, I won't post super spoilery gore parts.

la de dah, just laying on the tracks.

OH! That's not right! (Seriously I took that and was like "... eew!")


The spray!

It's everywhere.

Even on her!


"There was a lot of blood doc." (Sorry, I'm watching Session 9, and that's like my favorite line from the movie. Simon sounds so... surprised.)

Nothing spooky just handprints on glass. I like them though.

Bloody IDs!

OMG the bag!

... Looks like something is missing.

I have no idea how many people that mass is supposed to represent.
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