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Mega fake gore ahead.

More stills of Suicide Circle. This is the rather fake but still really gross/disturbing bit with the woman, the knife and the daikon radish. It's in the trailer I think, so I don't know how much of a spoiler it is. Still, it's cut and it's icky. Here goes!

There she goes!

"Mom, wtf are you doing?"

YAY! Cutting off my hand!

YAY! Cutting off my hand a LOT. O_O

Who needs fingers?

Nope, not me!

I'll just take those right off.

Then everyone can call me nubs!

That is assuming I survive the blood loss.

SO HAPPY!!! (And yeah... that was supposed to go BEFORE the last two pictures but oh well.)

Once again, I need new icons. ^^
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