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Necrotizing Fasciitis

It's gross... but fascinating.

WARNING: While none of these pictures involve children, some (meaning: most, if not all) of them are damn big. I dunno, maybe bigass pictures would bug you... but if so why'd you be looking at this journal?

Eeeeew! I was going to shrink it down, but it needed to keep the detail, 'cause... I mean look at it.

This is the first picture... if you stop looking at it, and look down you'll see the second picture...

Let's all say it together now: EEEEEEW!!!!!!!!

This disease (that I do not feel like trying to spell) is caused by a number of different bacteria, one of which being Group A streptococcus (thank you copy and paste). Many people can carry this bacteria and not get sick, but these same bacteria can also cause strep throat and... well some other stuff. I only mention this because I am apparently a carrier of strep, and I found this really interesting. I shall copy and paste the last bit of that informative paragraph now: Researchers do not fully understand why Group A streptococcus bacteria, on rare occasions, cause necrotizing fasciitis. It is known that these bacteria make poisons that destroy body tissue directly, as well as causing the body's immune system to destroy its own tissue while fighting the bacteria.

It goes on to talk about how it's spread, preventing it and whatnot, all of which I'm interested in because this means I HAVE THE POWER TO DISFIGURE AND KILL!!!!!!!!!! Um... yeah... it's probably a good thing there is no actual way for me to weild this power, otherwise Blockbuster's profits would go down greatly.

If you're super interested in finding out more about this, here is the page I got all the info from. The pictures were from two different pages that have nothing to do with this one.
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