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Let's see... I think I'll begin updating more... or hopefully. Projects for future updates include:

* Random pictures I find online and absolutely love, ESPECIALLY DeviantArt. I'll either upload them to my own server (I'll try to do that since it'd be preferred) or just link to the site. No hotlinking though b/c I'm not a bandwidth stealing cockbite. ^^

* More Pika pictures becuase I have TONS.

* Random morbid bloody pictures taken by me b/c I have a few of those.

* I WILL finish the Pika Girl website, it will happen. I'm just having serious issues with how to do the thumbnails on that site. Everything I try looks stupid, I need to decide on something though.

Aaaaand just general weirdness. Y'know, websites and whatnot, things I find online that are super nifty and must be shared, that sort of thing. So yeah! Huzzah! (I get so much done on my day off work!)
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